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Cosiquines d'Asturies (Charo Pandiello, 2019)

Design for: KRK Ediciones

This book rescues a collection of verses written by Charo Pandiello. There are thirteen compositions which, although they cannot be said to comply perfectly with the canons of the "Academia de la LLingua", are written in Charo's Asturian, that is, an Asturian of oral tradition, with which she was always able to communicate from her childhood in the Riosellan-Parraguesan region to her maturity in Central Asturias. In these verses you will find the shape of what she is, a strong woman who is at the same time sensitive, affectionate, unselfish and a friend of her friends. You will also find here that touch of genre that made up her lost comedies, which are not lacking in subtle irony.

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