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'The Faded Funfair' is a fantasy story involving clowns, colours and sweets.

Come and see the land where trees are made of cotton candy, water can float and clowns are not what you'd expect.

2 welcome.jpg

Ballpoint pen & acrylic; digital colour

One special place in Wonky Town is the 'Iridiscent Hall'; inside one of the many circus tents, light and plants create this calming (although majestic) space. Disks of various sizes fall from the ceiling, and the light, coming only from the central skylight at the apex of the tent, bounces off them, causing the whole room to light up. Here it is always full of butterflies of different colours, and a little girl often plays until she falls asleep on the giant, soft armchairs in the room...

Early concepts

Fondo animación sala iridescente 880x450-min.gif
DISCOS (con margen)

Acrylic & coloured pencils

painty for web-min.jpg

Painty is the protagonist of this story. She is a little clown, white, as every child in Wonky Town. She is very impatient and is willing to have her official colour asigned, as she hates being white because she doesn't feel special.

Key Art 1
Key Art 2.jpg

Colour tests / Key art

Key Art 3
Key Art 5
Care_Clowns (1).jpg

Graphite; digital colour

Colour tests / Key art

violet for web

Acrylic & coloured pencils on green-tinted paper

Violet is Painty's first caretaker. She is bossy, and tries to educate Painty, but also loving, like a mother. She has different packs of cards with which she can invoke magic.

cream for web

Cream is Painty's second caretaker. He is fun and a bit crazy. His head can detach and float independently. His special prompt are bubbles; he has different bubble-blowers of different sizes that she uses to fly and to make some tricks.



celeste for web
Celeste concept.png

Graphite; digital colour

Celeste is Painty's third caretaker. She is a bit lazy and absent-minded; and she also has hiperlaxity. She has a special powder that can make you sleep and she uses it to calm Painty and make her have good dreams.


Color test

References for mirror distortion

The Mirror Labyrinth is the equivalent of a prison in Wonky Town. Clowns that are sent here are doomed to be lost among the reflections and distortions of the mirrors. Painty will be sent here because of the problems she causes by involuntarily absorbing other clowns' colours.

ring rouge for web
Ring rouge concept.png

Phone references for the hat

Ring Rouge is the boss of Wonky Town. The important decisions are made by her. She is the one that demands Painty to go to the Mirror Labyrinth.

Transición line up.jpg
line up for web

Celeste                                                    Cream                                              Painty                                    Violet                                          Ring Rouge

I would like to thank Fernando Monroy, Jorge Sefy and Germán Michelena for their mentorship in this project;

I've learnt so much from you in a very short time, thank you.

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